Saturday, December 16, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-16-17

 Bucoup Karma Ripening

This Fine Saturn-Day

Stephanie Austin graces my blog with another radiant New Moon Eco-Astrology report:

The Sun is dimming as the Solar Minimum approaches - a marker for systemic renovation IMHO:

The most recent Ascension Update from the Council via Ron Head; we're going full topsey-turvey:

A lovely dive into the 3D/5D Conundrum; a romp on the Rainbow Bridge if you will:

The essential consciousness residing in the High Heart center is Multidimensional and Quantum:

Pema Chodron explains about getting 'Hooked' in the 3D matrix:

Multiple-Mike graces us with another Higher Self update on Gaia's Ascension and the fallout thereof:

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