Thursday, December 14, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-14-17

What's That Smell!

James Gilliland waxes rhapsodic on the current state of affairs from an anonymous Mexican beach:

Banksters preying upon the most disadvantaged people in the country; shame on you:

When the truth of the Disney Empire's foundations in systemic child abuse become common knowledge, shareholders can use their stock to start kindling alight:

FCC's net neutrality vote: what's at stake & why you should care:

High rollers: big Canadian business invests $2.7bn in cannabis in 2017, 3 times more than last year:

I'm all for sex-workers subcontracting to any military if it reduces sexual predation by the troops:

Git sum ranting by George Carlin on religion...classic team dark disclosure, live and onstage:

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