Monday, December 4, 2017

The Arcturians: The NOW Of The HERE Beyond TIME


Through Suzanne Lie On 12-3-17

There is a NOW that is more related to the HERE than to the TIME. In the fifth dimensional frequency of reality the operating system is quite different from the third/fourth dimensional operating system.

Because humans have had many incarnations in the third/fourth dimensional frequencies of Earth, it is often difficult for them to realize, and recognize, that there is a NOW in which there is no time.
In a reality that resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, “time” is a term that is used for people to “mark” their connection within the collective. By “collective” we mean those who have joined into a collective reality in which humans are no longer bound by the rulers of third/fourth dimensional planet.

In this “collective planet,” which resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, NOW is the only time, and HERE is the only place. In other words, there is no traveling over time to get to a certain place. We know that it is very difficult for those who have had many third dimensional incarnations to understand these concepts.

Because of all humanity’s many third dimensional incarnations, many humans have grown accustomed to “HERE” as being a place or experience. Also, this place, or experience, is usually marked in some manner, by the “time” that they spent in that place.

When they were in that place it was the NOW of that experience as the “NOW” was “the time that they were presently in that place.”

However, on the fifth dimension, HERE and NOW mean the same thing, because there is NO time and NO space to separate the HERE from the NOW. The fifth dimension is ALWAYS here right now, because there is NO sense of “time” to represent the distance between where you were, where you were going, and where you are NOW.
There is no difference because the HERE has crossed into the NO TIME of the fifth dimension. Yes, there is still a sense of “individuality” of each life form, but in the fifth dimensional No Time, you primarily perceive being’s “auras,” which are always overlapping, joining and merging with other auras.

Hence, even though people and objects may appear to be somewhat separate, you can easily perceive how the auras of all persons, places and things overlap to blend them into the ONE of the HERE.
Even the most clairvoyant person would not be able to see the “separation” between any life forms, because all life has an aura that blends and intermingles with all the other auras. Then, because all the aura’s merge into the ONE of that HERE, all the beings that share their aura with others, are in constant contact with any one with whom they share their aura.

We the Arcturians, understand why third dimensional humans do not allow their auras to overlap and merge with other peoples auras unless they deeply know and totally trust that “other” person. However, in the fifth dimension everyone can see (Clairvoyant), feel (Clairsentient), and hear (Clairaudient) everyone else all the time—within the NOW.

In the fifth dimension, time and space, now and later, are not separate. For example, time and space intertwine and blend into the NOW. This NOW is within the HERE of how each and every perception intertwines within the ONE of the fifth dimensional “NO Time” to transmute into the NOW of that HERE.

Your fifth dimensional thinking does not fit too easily into the third/fourth dimensions, as the third/fourth dimensions are ruled by time and space. Therefore, these dimensions have a totally different Operating System than that of the fifth dimension which operates via the HERE and the NOW.

It is for this reason that third dimensional human does not easily perceive, or remember their fifth dimensional perceptual experiences. A perception is something that you might experience, but may or may not attend to this to it long enough to switch from your initial Short Term Memory into the long lasting Long Term Memory.

It is for this reason that our grounded ones often forget their fifth dimensional experiences and/or communications. Therefore, we remind you all to make sure that you always have a pen and paper, or a means to type or speak into a recording, whenever you consciously perceive—hear or see—a fifth dimensional Being or object, such as a Starship.

What we observe is that the Ascending Ones have a fifth dimensional experience, but are unable to transition this experience into their third-dimensional long term memory. Therefore, they quickly forget, not only the message, but the “feel” of the message. This is were you physical body is very helpful.

When you allow your Inter-dimensional Message to flow into your physical body, your body will remember the “physical feeling” that accompanies the flow of a “higher dimensional message into your physical perceptual field.”

When this higher dimensional message enters your “physical perceptual field,” it joins the sum/total of all the higher dimensional visions and experiences that you have been able to accept without fear or doubt. These visions and experiences are stored in your High Heart and Multidimensional Mind as “possible versions of reality.”


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