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Supermoons, Solstice, Trump and the Fifth Dimension.

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Cosmically quite a lot is going on, on planet Earth, to say the least! We had Gemini super full moon illuminating duality, the extremes of human emotion on the global and our own personal stages. Followed by 12.12 gateway offering sacral chakra activation, intensive unplugging from the matrix to reset our energetic flow. December’s New Moon in fierce, fiery, forthright Sagittarius heralds warrior spirit kicking in, all to play for. The Solstice, just around the corner, creates space for reflection, clearing and manifestation.

Ascension sickness, much like altitude sickness, has left many feeling tired, light headed and woozy. The world is changing shape, colour, texture before our eyes, causing confusion as our collective consciousness expands. Karmic blocks triggered for release drain our energy as we process, often at a subconscious level, childhood, past life and ancestral trauma. We may feel as we get to the close of 2017 that we’ve had the stuffing knocked out of us. To raise our frequency is to lighten our karmic load, external celestial triggers help us with this evolutionary process. By releasing negative energies we create space for inner and outer peace.

2018 is kicking off with two (super) full moons at the beginning and end of January. We are moving from Gemini to Leo. The warrior arises from the chaos and alchemy of Gemini duality. With fire, passion and authenticity the Leo will seek to own the stage with calm strength. The lion is and always will be a warrior at heart. This twin supermoon event in January heralds Game On for Gaia in 2018. 2016 was death, destruction, duality and division. 2017 was exposure and disclosure, demonstrations and demands for change. The world woke up. 2018 will see people stepping up as sovereign beings, rising up for peace, equality and freedom.

Some may argue that Trump, in his unpredictable joker-card-in-the-pack role has served as a catalyst for this revolution of consciousness. Linked in turn to Putin, the Zionists, the far right and the big, bloated, billionaire’s club, nobody knows his agenda, who his handlers are. What his motives could possibly be beyond alpha male beating of his chest at anyone who glances his way? He is stirring up the women’s movement, empowering the return of the divine goddess, the fight for equality and the redistribution of wealth  Is this backhanded revolution?

The elite own right and left in most western countries. Bar a small number of Jedi knights, global politics is a snake pit of soulless, greedy puppets. Working for the Bilderberg Group, they dance together deep down in the woods of Bohemian Grove. Trump doesn’t fit in. And people recognise this on an instinctive level. What is distraction, what is manipulation and where is the truth in his words and actions?

If Trump is the catalyst, nuclear war would appear to be his ultimate ‘my toy is bigger than yours’ threat. Is this how humanity and Gaia come to a point of separation? Where 3d earth fulfils the ancient prophesies of hell on earth? A world driven and divided by depravity, destruction and greed? Will a possible new earth floating in 5d have it’s original inhabitants, their frequency aligned to 5d Gaia? Does one earth know about the other? No-one wants two earths. No-one wants a split, a divide, a separation. Humanity is a collective consciousness as we reach 5d.

This is how tuned up frequencies work. We access abilities, senses and wisdom unimaginable in the third dimension. Telepathy alone changes the rules profoundly. Technology is accelerating our development as a race. Spiritually we are running to catch up before disaster ensues. Big toys in children’s hands are never a good thing. We must mature, assume the role of nurturer, carers of Gaia and our people.

Many are more than ready for the new earth. Fed up waiting actually. Portals opening, cosmic light waves raising frequencies exponentially, protect and propel us. We are all struggling with altitude sickness, whether we are aware of it or not. Everything is up in the air. Everything to play for. There are no accurate predictions anymore. There are no high probability timelines. This quantum event we are at is a junction, a cosmic crossroads. The tipping point has not yet been reached.

The war for our mind body and souls has stepped up in 2017. The cabal and their allies barrage us with low frequency static energy to lower our vibration. In many ways the gloves are coming off. We desperately seek middle ground in a chasm of polarity, division and separation. Light warriors and warriors of Gaia are the catchers in the rye. We try to save those who are crashing, with energetic healing and 5d illumination. The tipping point is our mission. To raise the frequency enough that all of Gaia ascends. There is no split. No heaven and hell earth.

We work together to rebuild this beautiful world, to celebrate its diversity and nourish it with love. This is the end goal. There have been and will be many casualties. That is what war is. But there is no sell by date on our souls. We go on, we travel with the same souls, we grow, we learn, we explore. This is one lifetime of many, albeit a cosmically crazy one!

We are in a quantum vacuum in time and space, there are no predictable timelines anymore. Our cellular evolution is being fought over. To remain slaves or assert our Free Will is the heart of this war. This vacuum has been created in part by the architects of the matrix who seek, through mind control algorithms to maintain control of our mind body soul systems. The onslaught of higher vibrational cosmic light waves generated by… space, the universe, the creators (?) has also contributed to this giant pause button on the human race. And the deeply profound raising of the vibrations from the ground level as well as our seas is blasting lighter rays through and across Gaia.

We are being activated. Whether we choose to embrace or repress that activation is up to us. To reach the tipping point may require the drastic kind of catalyst Trump offers. Or it may require the people to redemocratise corrupt political systems. To change currency, redistribute economic flow, and balance the planet’s books rationally and compassionately. To put  humanity back into a cold, corporate, capitalist system of phoaronic pyramidal control.

How to be a peaceful warrior? Our weapon is love. Our shield love. Our mission love. We have entered a new phase in the great shift in human consciousness. The war for our mind body and souls has stepped up. Things are not going to go in the direction we think. This is good. This is chi flow on a universal collective scale 

The present moment is where all future timelines exist now on Gaia. We can change everything in a single moment. We can switch from fear to love. Anger to forgiveness.

Worry to the present. Synthetic lights, food, highs and lows can be replaced by nature, meditation and real people soul tribe. We are at warp speed on the evolutionary dial of human life. Its going to be a ride cosmic brothers and sisters. 2017 should be honoured, thanked, released and celebrated.

Prepare for 2018. Clear your karmic emotional decks. Make space by reinstating your sovereignty. We are free people connected at all times to universal love light frequency. Remember this and we will be fine! Much love beautiful surfers. Namaste.

I release anger/fear/shame/guilt.

I connect to love frequency.I am a sovereign being of light.


Check out link for details of supermoon January 2018

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