Monday, December 25, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-25-17

The Mopping-Up Operation Accelerates

Jordan Sather interviews James Gillilanhd who covers lots of 101 material; good stuff:

This Liz Crokin piece from 10-9-17, gives a good overview of the current pedo-follies:

The inter-dimensional, deep, dark Satanic Heart on the Mother Church is going into cardiac arrest:

Suzanne Maresca posted this seasonal astrological orientation; molto grazie:

Mike Quinsey voices the expectations of the 'Slow Lane School' of Human Ascension:

Inter-species telepathy will surely bring down the meat industry, once it goes viral on Gaia:

I truly believe that Blossom is Getting 'IT'; 'bout time:

The ultimate isolation tank...for those contemplating dropping-body:

We finish today's offerings with a few words from Archangel Michael, courtesy of Brother Beckow:

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