Monday, December 18, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-18-17


 Francis Is Starting To Show His True Colors

 Just watch this man; look into his eyes. What do you see?

Please hurry up and start opening those sealed indictments; this insanity needs to stop, pronto:

It seems KP thinks this technique is better than sex; might be worth a look-see:

Follow the disappeared money and it will take us to the Stars, and Beyond:

Thanks to Perils (our stringer in Aspen) for this insightful Eisenstein essay from last year:

It appears to be time to recycle my trusty aluminum yarmulke and snag a Kevlar one:

INHO 50% of these ops were Cabal nastiness and 50% Alliance liberation moves; quite a year:

How does it go; It’s a green wind that blows no good?

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