Tuesday, December 19, 2017

You're All That And A Bag O' Chips


Excerpt From It Rings True

By Ron Head On 12-19-17

"Returning to the topic of the universal energy itself, we wish to explain, in one place, some concepts that have been mentioned before lately in order to solidify understanding and expand it a bit. The light, energy, healing, unconditional love, etc. which a great many of you invoke daily, is a oneness. It is, in its fullness, the I Am. It is conscious. It is intelligent. And you, in your varying ways of invoking it, are raising the frequency signature of everything around you as you raise your own frequencies. Allow us to repeat that, as you raise your own frequencies.

You may, of course, direct the light you invoke to anything or anyone you choose, but your simple invocation alone will change you and everything else as well. You may invoke it, bask in it, and be at peace, and know that you have left nothing undone. It will, however, as is well known, follow your intention. You may send concentrations of it to parts of your own physical beings, to emotions, situations, other places, other people, other things, or even situations. What you cannot do is specify outcomes that are in opposition to the free will of others or that would violate their chosen paths and contracts. It would be far better for your own progress to let the light itself figure out what is needed, and that is the point we intended to make with this entire paragraph.

Also, please understand that when you set aside time to do these things, you are not so much bringing your guides, teachers, and whatever term you personally have for the Deity closer, as you are bringing your awareness into alignment to what is already around you and a part of you. Again, let us repeat ourselves. It is a part of you. It is never somewhere else. It never goes away. We never do not hear you. We never do not know how you feel. And you are NOT judged, except, as we have told you before, by yourselves."

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