Saturday, November 17, 2018

Disclosure Digest 11-16-18

More 11:11 Gateway Follow-Ups

Sandra starts us out today with more Galactic insights into the 11:11 Portal unfoldment: git sum:

Morag O'Brien also has some additional insight regarding the ongoing 11:11 Gateway deployment:

Your tax dollars (re-routed through cabal Black Ops Agencies) hard at work attacking California:

More good citizen's investigative reporting on the California false flag firestorms; the truth can't be hidden anymore. The perps responsible will be named, exposed and prosecuted post haste:

Selling out your constituents to advance your career is politics today; why would Teresa be different:

Central bankers in a panic as their end nears and reduced to name calling; gives me the warm fuzzys:
We close today with this latest news update from Jordan Sather; rock on dude:

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