Thursday, November 15, 2018

Waiting For Life

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Our friend Jenny has written in with a share that we feel might just be relatable to other Lightworkers.  Her nearly 93 year old father had a bad fall onto his face, and she was getting ready to bring him home from a stay in the hospital as she wrote:
Interesting changes going on here.

11/11 was very peaceful, and then the crash followed the next day. I felt, “We’re done here, and it’s time to go.”  I wondered if the experiment had failed and it was time to move on. What’s it all been for? How can we give any advice when nothing has worked for us?

On my return walk, I realised that I’ve been waiting for death most of my life, as far back as I can remember.

Most Lightworkers would be able to relate. Death, we’ve believed, means freedom from all lack and limitation, expansion, a return to wholeness and oneness… going home. I slowed my pace and wondered – is that true? We’re in the process of examining all our beliefs, turning them upside down to see what falls out. Have we been waiting for death … or have we been waiting for life?

That made the clock tick…twice. Have we been waiting, not for death but for rebirth? For life to begin? Not an ending. A beginning. Afresh, anew. Growth.

I felt a glimmer of renewed hope. We aren’t winding down but winding up. I wonder if this has been a Phoenix-style rising from the ashes of the old beliefs into the emergence of the new higher consciousness. Angel-like vibrations where all the magical beings and extinct animals have congregated. Energy doesn’t die, we’re told, so we aren’t waiting for death.  Are we waiting for Life?

Lots of love,
Jenny xxx

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