Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Disclosure Digest 11-20-18

 Q+ Toys With His Inner Pimpernel*

*a humble wayside flower

Thanks to Dr. Salla at ExoPolitics.Org for this majorly humungus chunk of slam-dunk disclosure:

Waking The Sleepers is a very hot meme these lazy, hazy crazy days of November;

Lionel has come up with another great constitutional rant; eminently ponderable Padawan:

Here's a sprightly and insightful Destroying the Illusion report from Jordan Sather; totally grokkable:

 Lest we forget that we're in a HOT War Zone here in the remnants of the Olde Third; shields up:
Tamarind sauce is what turns Pad Thai into Holy Thai Superfood; gosh golly:

Our Lady Of Mount Shasta has beamed in with this message just for you; blissings be upon you:

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