Monday, November 12, 2018

Disclosure Digest 11-12-18

 Gaia Is Well Pleased

Nothing will stop what's coming from Sea to Shining Sea; Git Sum NeonRevolt!:

This week's Full Frontal Fulford Report should leave you mildly dyspeptic and fully agape and agog:

 Rinus is a clear seeing Dutchman champing at the bit for NESARA/GESARA implementation:
Magenta Pixie and The Nine wade into the churning 11:11:11 waters: grok sum downloads:

Why this just warms the cockles of my commie pinko, Woodstock survivor bleeding Heart:

Thanks to Suzanne  Maresca for this fine op-ed on the 11:11:11 Gateway:

Just a reminder to use only the finest, organic dark chocolate in your next batch of pot brownies:

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