Monday, November 26, 2018

Disclosure Digest 11-26-18

Saturnalia Interruptus:

The Dark Draconian Grid Is Finally Down!

I just came across this wonderfully succinct Earth School precis channelled by Ken Carey in 1982:

The Rothschilds are circling the wagons as France & Germany slowly slip from their globalist grip:

Depressing and accurate overview of the Team Dark agenda for exterminating the Sheeple (US!):

They still fluoridate our water here in Boulder so I drink two cups of ginger/turmeric tea daily:

Our military has effectively reestablished a secure southern border for us all; let the cleanup begin:

More chemtrail/geoengineering pseudo-science BS to distract the sheeple; No Thank You:

Hold the space for others to awaken; good advice from Melchior, our Galactic Logos; ponderable:

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