Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Disclosure Digest 11-28-18

It's Wednesday...

Will That Be One Hump or Two?

I feel that today's digest needs an upbeat opener and it's Brenda Hoffman to the triumphant rescue:

This compendium of contemporary mass hallucination by Mike Adams is our Red Pill du jour:

Whatever you think of Duterte, he's got some stone cojones taking on the Roman Catholic mob!:

 This Dancing Dolphin channelling of Lord Sananda bodes well for the imminent GESARA rollout:

I like this approach: eat your way to better health and sanity! Sign me up and pass the avocado salad:

Now that my salad has kicked in. I'll push my luck and re-open the 9/11 can of worms; Gollum!:

The Council Via Ron Head continues to answer some interesting questions from the readers:

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