Thursday, November 8, 2018

Disclosure Digest 11-8-18

Sessions Unchained!!!

Git Sum Tucker Carlson, one of the 2 'woke' TV journalists at FOX News (Hannity is the other):

It would appear that Coloradans have taken a stand against prison inmate slave-labor practises:

Ethan Indigo Smith at Wake Up World does a nice job explaining the esoteric significance of #108:

The Health Ranger rides again and he's not a-Lone anymore, Kemosabe. Can you handle the truth?:

Tulsi-Holy Basil is truly one amazing every-day adaptogenic Indian herb; Ayurveda this:

Here are some reliable resources regarding contemporary Cabal Satanic ritual practices; Oy Vey:

Gluten free glaciers; the wave of the future? A new Eco-tourism destination perhaps:

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