Saturday, November 24, 2018

Disclosure Digest 11-24-18

 Your Deeply Discounted

Black Friday Digest

It's time to drag these Satanic Cult practices into the Light of our Collective Consciousness; Basta!:
Gregg Prescott is currently providing these daily High Frequency Updates; definitely grok sum:

Here's the backstory on weaponized migrations and so much more; WWG1WGA:

Live Ben giving a very good Disclosure current events, re-cap interview; Git Sum:

More geoengineering pseudo-science BS to distract us from chemtrail fact finding; No Thank You:

For those of you who've read channellings from Morag,  here's an 11 minute video of her latest:

In closing, Mike (SaLuSa) Kinsey offers us this broad view of Gaia's current Ascension process:

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