Thursday, November 15, 2018

Disclosure Digest 11-15-18

Flu Season Is Officially Here,

Caveat Emptor, Comrades

Injecting the Sheeple with disease-causing 'medications' is hugely profitable fun for the Cabal:

Judy Byington corrals all the Disclosure News into one easy to read compendium; git sum Reality:

Western 'civilization' was a front for the Cabal's Free-Range Human Slavery program; good riddance:

German scientists warned of this in the early days of cell phones but MSM whitewashed the stories:

This just in from Bronco Bill Ballard's FB page; Kali in Cali :

This is the latest from David Wilcock regarding ongoing disclosure of the Secret Space Programs:

Lionel proposes that POTUS launch a new news network: MAGA TV; sign up now, kids:

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