Monday, June 25, 2018

…And The Research To Prove It

 By Suzanne Maresca (GAoG Editor) On 6-25-18

Chances are pretty good that our readers have at least heard of the Qanon phenomenon. We’ve made mention of Praying Medic before and he’s made a video explaining about Q, beyond his regular interpretation videos:

Praying Medic: Qanon for Beginners 

The Q posts originated late last October on what’s called The Chans, an online forum open to anyone wanting to make a post about pretty much anything. I personally don’t care to go there because of the Wild West nature of it, but this is just background information.

What’s evolved since has been nothing short of astonishing.  People with any knowledge of the corrupt and dark workings in virtually every aspect of global society were approaching despair that we could ever be free of it.  And of course, not everyone even knows about channeled messages much less embraces them.  The field was fertile for the seeds that Qanon posts planted.  We long to believe in the good, true and beautiful in our world.  It takes being fierce and passionate about wanting this space to be so in order to achieve it.

Happily, also on the Chans are anonymous posters who enthusiastically go hunting to follow the clues that Q drops.  They find names and photos and even videos and news stories that back up the Q posts.  And now, a new website has been created providing those proofs.  Their logical research leads to what I find to be comforting in these chaotic and dangerous days.

I say dangerous because it feels quite necessary at this time to put the shields up when leaving one’s cave.  I imagine that when the dust settles (who knows when?) that situation will change, and we’ll all be skipping through fields of flowers in the sunshine.  It just brings to mind the end of the final book in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series.  The book is called The Last Battle, and after a most horrific war between [ultimately] ignorance and Light/information, everyone walks through a doorway into paradise.

Anyway, these good folks have created an informational site ~
“A collection of Qanon evidence provided by Anonymous Patriots.”

Find original Qanon posts here.
Right now, public opinion is the very richest of prizes, and there are many outlets striving to foment argument.  We hold far more power than we may realize, much more so when we’re informed and using our own powers of discernment.  Taking an adversarial stance keeps us from figuring solutions out together.  Surely we all want the same thing.

“Where we go one we go all.” ~ Q

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