Sunday, June 24, 2018

Disclosure Digest 6-24-18

 The Resistance Relies On Stealth

Here's Blossom with all the Galactic Dirt-From-Down-Under that's fit to print; quite grokable:

Ex-CIA analyst turned blogger discusses the considerable confusion surrounding His Orangeness:

POTUS is a yuge threat to the Mockingbird, mind kontrol, lamestream media; they're now irrelevant:

Mildly hysterical Michael Bloomberg throws $80 million into midterms; save the Dems, why:

We had a ‘poof’ & ‘no slave owners’: Monty Python’s Cleese slams BBC ‘too white & Oxbridge':

5 ways Indigenous groups are currently fighting back against Cabal funded land seizures: 

Magenta  Pixie channels this Q&A twixt her readers and The WWCC of 9; helpful info here:

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