Saturday, June 16, 2018

Disclosure Digest 6-16-18

He's Mad As Hell And Not 

Going To Take It Anymore

Brave Heart’s got a big mouth and he’s using it to expose Hollywood’s Satanic OS:

Rachel Mason over at in5d does an in depth look at Ascension as totally an 'inside job':

Once you begin intentionally Ascending in consciousness, Michele Walling has some tips for you:

We haven't heard from Ashtar in a grundark's age so here goes; many thanks to James McConnell:

Just think of thunder and lightening as Gaia's planetary neurotransmitters; grok sum earth science:

Multiple Mike Quinsey thought so much of Kryon's message he posted this on his blog:

Kryon on what Trump will help manifest in the near future for Hue-manity; a good listen:

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