Thursday, June 28, 2018

Disclosure Digest 6-28-18


The Eyes Of The Galaxy Are Upon You!

Sheldan took a hit for the team last year and is rehabbing nicely these days; enjoy his latest:

Diving-duck KP seems to be regaining his balance by taking plenty of vitamin Q; Zei gezunt:
St Germain and One Who Serves on Trump, GCR and QAnon; majorly git sum:

Please amuse yourselves with this rant du jour from His L-ness; he seems to be high on Qanon again:

Lionel goes off on Maxine Waters; highly entertaining and legally correct; grok sum legalese:

Lisa Renee's DIY method of shedding that unwanted and cumbersom 3D personality illusion:

Sue Lie teams up with her Arcturian crew to bring us this take on remembering our 'whispers':

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