Monday, June 25, 2018

Disclosure Digest 6-25-18

Spaceballs The Reality

Spaceballs 2.0 - a wonderful introduction to this topic in a mere seven minutes; thanks DW:

More scientific soft Antarctic disclosure in this piece by Mitch Batros: que O.K. Corall moment:

Well, Creator seems to be ready for a 'road-less-traveled-trip'; Source knows I certainly need one:

"US tells rebels not to count on its help as Syrian army advances into country’s southwest" Yuuuge:

The first step to healing Earth's pollutions is knowing just how bad things have really gotten:

Ron Head is still Lightworking on his blog; enjoy this little excerpt from his last book:

Imagination As Fifth Dimensional Thought, Pleiadians and Arcturians through Sue Lie; Grok Sum: 

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