Sunday, June 10, 2018

Disclosure Digest 6-10-18

POTUS As A Force Of Nature

Our Lady of Mount Shasta on experiencing the Influx and Solstice Source Codes; git sum:

Thanks to Bro Beckow for this reassuring check-up on President Obama's lightworker status:

We go old school with a visit to SaLuSaland guided by Mike's multiple self:

This one from In5D' is titled 'How Toxins Harm Your Energy Field'; let me count the ways:

Now that you're counting symptoms, here is a list of their handy metaphysical explanations:

At the top of the Food Group Pyramid nests the evil-eyed 'Dorito Effect':

Please enjoy this recent  Kryon channelled update on our super activated, no-trash-here Akash:

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