Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Disclosure Digest 6-18-18

Last August's Lion's Gate Energies

Arrive In Full Next (Solstice) Thursday

Celia Fenn's message from AAM has some of the more interesting highlights; pictures at 11:

Suzanne Maresca owns her past Trump-phobic behavior with style and panache in this op-ed:

Here in Boulder, CO we've had this kind of rain, off and on, for 3 days now; great video clip:

This spectacular USGS video clip shows a Kilauea lava river flowing to sea; Go Pele: 

My heart goes out to all Native Americans still being mistreated by US authorities:

Brenda Hoffman's blog post today is a particularly pertinent one; please enjoy:

Today's closer is from Blossom Goodchild and the oh-so-patient Voices in Her Head: Grok Sum:

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