Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Disclosure Digest 6-20-18

We Are Birthing A New World

Michelle Walling does her usual superlative job of simplifying very complex metaphysical concepts. She clearly highlights the frame of consciousness required to ascend along with Gaia: Grok sum:

This report from Abby Martin at RT gives us all the information absent from the lame stream media anent the ongoing regime de-stabilization in Venezuela. Again, it's all about the oil:

The Arkenciding and assassination of witnesses about to testify against Crooked Hillary ramps up:

Populist farmers work together with the Ponca tribe to block Keystone XL in Nebraska:

Thanks to Matt Agorist for asking these very discomfiting questions; we can't fix the worldwide evil of human sex trafficking and the abuse and enslavement of children everywhere:

This latest exhortation from Creator seems appropriate to insert here; thanks to Jennifer Farley:

No, Steve, you have most certainly not 'lost it'! Please give Bro Beckow a listen -good stuff:

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