Thursday, June 21, 2018

Disclosure Digest 6-21-18

Wishing All Sentient Beings A Cheerful Solstice

Full Frontal Ben leads us off the beaten track with his latest report; more White Dragons in drag?:

Germophobia was invented by Big Pharma in the 1950's to sell us more cancer causing chemical products. Until government regulation of these products is restored - Read The Labels!:

Just another example of the plan of the 300 Cabal corporations that used to run our civilization:

David Icke on sinister mob bagman, George Soros and what his real job is:

Hitler's little 'Angela' is drawing enormous flack over her Cabal agenda for the Vaderland:

I find Ron Paul's penchant for speaking truth to the Cabal (at no small risk to himself) refreshing:

Is time speeding up? For me the last five years only felt like two going by; go figure:

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