Friday, July 24, 2015

A Message From Quan Yin

Channelled By Mark Stearn On 7-23-15

Beloved friends,
The higher dimensions is a riot of colour and activity at this time. We will give no definite date of when we are meeting you but know your long wait is now at an end. Heaven is reaching out to you. Can you feel it? You will be informed of any news of our coming to meet you all. Xenophobia which is natural is not to be seen as a barrier to any impending contact. We do understand that because of film you may have been exposed to many forms of 'extra-terrestrials.' It is vital for you to understand that the fifth dimension is energy and it is only when we download our energy to meet you that we take on form that is most comfortable and not alarming in so that you can interact with us peacefully.

All old energies have been put to rest and any presence in your solar system at this time is a loving presence who has your highest interests at heart. You are going to find that as life and developments push on that a lot of the groundwork has already been done for our arrival. We are enthralled by the work done by great servers of the light who have befriended the galactic presence and to portray us as a loving presence. We have already been reported as aliens and in truth we are merely you your equals. In the past you have heard and been exposed to councils and hierarchies you will be glad to hear that these both are old earth or old world energies and now have no bearing on how you operate today. You may be surprised that it is i who am bringing this message to you and not one of the 'galactic beings' as they are termed.

Any contact will also be with the ascended masters, angels and all of spirit from the higher dimensions and as I already said we are to take on a form that you are comfortable and familiar with. There is only goodness and peace coming your way beloved children of god and I don't mean this in a condescending way. We, your friends, family and equals, have been through all that you have been through for we are one and nothing can separate us ever in truth. So as I already said you are all masters and angels who are finding your way in truth once more. You are bright beautiful beings of god/godess' essence and we are with you every step of the way. Mother Earth is now accelerating her and your ascension process. There is a plan. This is to see that all are delivered to the new earth safely.

Mother Earth if she has any dramatic changes is making them at this time. You may be interested to know that the majority and sheer capacity of all higher vibrations entering Mother Earth at this time are being poured into her transmutation and infinite restoration. So know that you can rest easy loving ones. There is nothing out there that is out to get you. We your friends are at your doorstep to inform you that your long sojourn is at a close. As I have already stated, there is no set date for contact. We are taking it moment by moment at this time. Time is accelerating as are all planetary transformations and individual changes. You are being upgraded into your full light presence at this time. The new earth is also a riot of activity at this time what with all now transpiring on your planet. Earth shall never be the same again.

Also remember vigilance and discernment of all you read and hear about regarding any galactic presence and go with your heart and presence and you will know what is fact and what is fiction. Thank you for your attention loved ones. We are your extended family and friends and know that it will not be long now. One final snippet of news. The crystal cities that have sprung up around earth are a major destination for almost all hearts at this time so remember this and ask your guides to take you on a tour of where you feel drawn to. My thanks to you dearest hearts and keep the faith!!! (Big smiles and winks.)

My love to you all,

I am Quan Yin.

Blessings, Mark.

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