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The Illuminati Economy – Part 4: Their Downfall

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By Steve Beckow On 7-25-15

An excellent companion piece to this study is Matthew’s latest Message.

Gold 345
Illuminati gold will be redistributed.
St. Germaine told the Illuminati centuries ago what future awaited them:

“The ones who have been holding the financial power, you’re going to see them desperately trying to get it, trying to take it back, trying to manipulate it.  … Don’t feel sorry for them one bit. … They knew it was coming.

“In the 1500s, in the 1700s and late in the 1900s, we had some, what you would call, very multidimensional, very spiritual, mystical discussions with these groups who have held the power. We showed them what would come. They did not believe it. It caused them to hold on more desperately to the power and now it’s here.

“So there is a level at which they knew it was coming.” (1)

 How has the Company of Heaven been proceeding against the dark? One way is to intercept their money flows and take them back for abundance. Matthew describes one action being taken:

“ET technology will be directed at electronic issues wherein money movement will not go the way the dark forces intend and undetectable glitches in their communication efforts will create confusion and errors. I am not speaking ‘out of school’ here as the dark forces are aware that this has started happening and they cannot locate the origins or detect and correct the flaws. This adds to their fear that they are losing control and their activities will become even more clumsy and obvious until all is ‘brought to light.'” (2)

“The Illuminati’s illegally and immorally garnered fortunes will be put [back] into circulation,” Matthew tells us. (3)
“The vast fortunes immorally and illegally amassed by various Illuminati members and institutions they control will be recovered and distributed on a global basis to the neediest among you, the billions who have been the most exploited and ignored by the greediest; and fair taxation and lending rates will replace the current ones until you reach the consciousness level where money no longer is an issue at all.”   (4)

SaLuSa tells us much the same:

“Your world affairs are dominated by the financial crisis, but we see the outcome as helping remove members of the Illuminati who have not only monopolised monetary policies, but manipulated them to their advantage.

“Some of the biggest crimes against humanity are in this connection. Your money has been stolen either directly or indirectly, and lined the pockets of those who have set themselves at the top of the pyramid. The wealth of the world will be taken back and fairly distributed, and all shall enjoy a satisfactory life where you no longer have poverty or slavery.” (5)

Back in 2004, Matthew was advising lightworkers that the release of abundance funding would be delayed, but to be patient.

“Mother, twice recently you have been asked by individuals about matters related to money, and in both cases I replied that a renewed and stronger attack on all avenues of funding for light services and products has been initiated by the dark forces. I advised the requestors’ that anticipated funding would be delayed, but to keep focused positively and eventually the money would be available.” (6)

Where is the money and gold coming from that will bring abundance to the planet? Some of it is coming from other planets. I interviewed St. Germaine on the subject in 2012:

Steve Beckow: St. Germaine, there’s even talk of gold being brought from other planets….
St. Germaine:  You are correct, and there are also minerals that have been placed upon your planet by your star brothers and sisters that are far more valuable than gold. They just have not been discovered or detected yet. And that is to come. But that is not part of the Trust that I am speaking of. It is ancillary.
SB: All right. And palladium and vanadium I think are two of those metals, are they not?
St. G: Yes, as well as serenium.
SB: Serenium? The last two are metals we haven’t discovered yet, I think.
St. G: The last three are metals you haven’t discovered.  (7)

There’s even gold that the Illuminati have secreted in sunken battleships. Overall, there’s more gold than we can imagine.

Steve Beckow: And of course there’s the gold that’s sunk in battleships.
St. Germaine: Yes.
SB: So there’s a lot of gold on this planet. Is that correct?
St. G: There is more gold than you can imagine. And there is certainly more gold — think of it as currency — there is certainly more gold than has been assumed. There are caches of gold that have been placed there all over the grid. And sometimes the gold has been hidden in very plain sight.   (8

SaLuSa assures us that “in time the wealth of the world will be properly shared for the good of all.” He reminds us that “your present times are the result of deliberate plans by the Illuminati, to create friction through lack and make you reliant on them for your existence.” (9)

The world will become a true commonwealth and a pristine environment, Matthew suggests.

“Not only will the Illuminati money be distributed wherever the need is greatest, but their control of natural resources will [stop], as will the wanton destruction of the environment through oil and gas extraction, mining, logging and pollution. Technologies now suppressed and the more advanced technologies that will be introduced by your universal brothers and sisters will clear the pollution and provide renewable energy and building materials.” (10)

SaLuSa also gives us a picture of their plans for this world.

“So many of you are experiencing difficulties in your lives that the Abundance Programs would help. I want to tell you that, in the near future, poverty will be eradicated from Earth, and the wealth mainly secreted away by the Illuminati will be reclaimed and redistributed for the good of all. Financial Institutions will be re-modelled to cater for a new society that has set greed and corruption aside.” (11)

Therefore the Illuminati will be deprived of their wealth and, with it, their power. Their wealth be redistributed among the people of the world. National debts for loans which merely lined the pockets of dictators will be cancelled. And abundance will be spread out over the globe until eventually everyone has what they need to live, learn, and evolve.

There’s no usefulness to be found in following the financial ways of the past. The last economy that worked even a bit was in the Fifties through Seventies. Every economy since then has been too corrupted to emulate.

The path for us starts at the trailing edge of our leading foot. The bridge that wasn’t there a minute ago appears when we step out into the unknown. In your financial wayshowing, don’t look back. Leave the past behind. Look ahead and invent, create, and inspire.

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