Friday, July 17, 2015

Past Tense, Future Perfect

After 9/11, it’s my personal view that the Illuminati, who’d been planning a takeover of the world since centuries ago, grew careless because they believed they’d achieved or would soon achieve their goals.

They’d sold us on their scenarios that they’d planned since the Seventies: first the Cold War, then terrorists, then rogue nations, then asteroids, and finally extraterrestrials. These “threats” would be used to stampede the world’s population into giving more and more of their civil rights away to their corrupted governments.

They were adept at using weather-warfare weapons like HAARP to redirect hurricanes like Hurricane Kathrina, cause earthquakes as in Haiti, Chile and New Zealand, spark forest fires, and many other acts of aggression against their own population and others around the world.

They produced pandemic viruses out of Fort Detrick and seeded the skies with chemtrails, sickening the world. The vaccines they offered were also toxic.

They were behind white-slavery rings, pedophilia, snuff flicks, and the international drug trade.  The latter they used to finance their black projects.  Government agents like the DEA’s Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who were guilty of doing their job, were tortured and murdered probably by or at the instigation of their own country’s corrupted agents.

Dr. Carol Rosin exposes the Illuminati agenda
 (This video is available on

The Illuminati captured governments, religions, education, medicine, etc.

They had a significant presence in the military. They hadn’t captured it completely by any means but they believed they held the upper hand. The white hats in the military ended up taking command of Solar Warden (the secret space fleet) as well as significant arms of the military such as Northern Command.

And, relevant to us as financial wayshowers, they captured business, commerce, banking and other areas of the economy.

I believe that, because they saw their march forward to world control and even mastery of the universe (through Solar Warden) as assured, they ceased to care about being meticulous. The pedophile parties in Washington, mortgage-tranching in the foreclosure scam, attempts to transport a nuclear bomb to the Middle East to be used against Iran are examples of Illuminati initiatives which were intercepted or foiled. The Illuminati began to look inept.

However all this was as nothing compared to what the unseens were doing, which you won’t find in insider or whistleblower accounts. The galactics refused to allow the explosion of a nuclear bomb on the Earth or in space. They gathered evidence on the Illuminati to close the trap on them through legal means. They’ve caused ISIS’s heavy machinery (tanks and trucks) not to function.

And they watch every move the Illuminati makes, allowing small-scale acts that they cannot interfere with according to the laws of freewill and karma, but preventing large-scale acts of terrorism.

The most horrendous act would have been the starting of World War III, which the Illuminati labored to ignite.  They built deep, underground military bunkers to last out the nuclear winter that would follow, which the galactics destroyed in 2011. Now the Illuminati had to face what everyone else would in the event of an all-out, nuclear war.

The galactics neutralized pandemic viruses, their vaccines and chemtrails. They intercepted money bound for Illuminati coffers and returned it to safekeeping until abundance can be spread to the world.  They are at work cleaning the oceans up after the oil spills from various Illuminati companies.
This is the past we’re leaving behind.

On the one hand, our entire culture from this era is tainted and doesn’t supply us with rich material upon which to base what comes next.

On the other hand, the Company of Heaven has provided us with rich material upon which to base our new financial and economic structures. And we ourselves come with a genetic and spiritual inheritance that equips us as well to lead in what comes next.

By now many of us have emerged from our constructed selves – our social masks, acts, routines, numbers, etc. Many of us have had the really-troublesome core issues raised and released.

It’s we ourselves that we have to fall back on. And, in my view, that is enough.

What’s been raised in us over the years has been love and compassion. That’s why we’re about to be entrusted as stewards of the Mother’s abundance.

Archangel Michael often says not to look back to the old Third. It won’t assist us very much to look back on the past at all, except as an object lesson in what to avoid.

We’ve been tasked with creating a new future.

The sacred money that we’ll be working with will relieve stress in as many folks as we can reach and open up the door of opportunity.  How we do our jobs will evolve if we just start in and craft and create as things unfold.

We’re richly and generously guided. And we have a mastery within us that’s only now starting to be revealed.  The past has been tense but the future looks perfect.

I find the prospect of starting in when all the obstacles are out of the way exciting, inspiring, and energizing.

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