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July - Focus, Activation And The Divine Self


Channelled By Sandra Walter On 7-2-15

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
So much unfolded through the Solstice passage. June did indeed zoom by, and we are quickly moving into the July opportunities for expansion.

Deep gratitude to the Gatekeepers, Lightservers and all who anchored their intentions and crystals during the Solstice Gateway. Thank you for holding the intention, ceremony and service from the opening on Thursday with our first M flare, all the way through the 25th when our last M flare arrived. It was a brilliant shift, and the effects continue to anchor within us and the planet.

Many of you felt the deeper, more profound effects of participating in this activity; take note of your transformation. While the M-flares, radiation storms and magnetic fluctuations demonstrated the physical waves of light coming onto the planet, the light was directed at DNA activation and provided an energetic expansion to those on the path of Christed embodiment.

During Solstice the grid of I AM templates, stored in sacred sites upon Gaia and within deep crystalline beds (hence the crystal focus during Solstice and ongoing), released the next level of activations. These layers of energetic amplifications are released according to the ability of the collective to accept and integrate them.

For those who are energetically able to handle the New, your lifestream has woken up to yet another level of light. This is DNA-specific activation, and many of you are receiving assistance from the higher realms to upgrade your energy fields.

You consistently hold the finer frequencies of Divine Love in order to balance and accelerate the collective journey. As always, no one acts alone in this Ascension. Individual choice to learn and activate; collective service on the multidimensional level.

Christ-Light embodiers, note the shifts in your consciousness since Solstice. Your meditations, visions and activations will be consistently upgraded through these last months of the Equinox-Blood Moon Gateway series. The timing of activations will become less predictable as you embody your individual expression of the Golden Race DNA, and this is purposeful.

The Now is where all of your true power is held, and your comfort with absolute Presence will be tested. Be kind to yourself as the activations become less familiar; try not to hold onto coping mechanisms or integration techniques as the dimensions merge.

July Opportunities: Personal and Collective

Our July Gateways present on July 4 – 7; July 15 – 19; and July 25 – 29. They offer activation of higher skills, which will be important as the energies dramatically increase this year. Clarity, focus, and the ability to create stability through your Presence.

Note it is not presentational (savior, martyr, guru, magician); it is the Presence of Source, the Higher Self, the Higher Light, through your lifestream via your Solar Cosmic Christed Heart center. And it will get easier, beloveds. We are working through a massive amount of density in a relatively short time.

Our Divine Teams are consistently adjusting cosmic forces as best they can to accommodate our level of consciousness. For those on the forefront of embodiment, it can be challenging to walk through unexplored territory. Our collective ability as Lightservers – in Service to the New Light, Guardians of the New Light – to support everyone embracing the path of Ascension is key to our progress.

Be kind and generous with each other as we complete this mission of light on multiple levels. 2015 holds so much for us, however our focus is here, Now, on our personal progress and our collective intent to offer our experiences to as many awakened beloved ones as possible.

Pineal – Pituitary Upgrades

As the magnetics shift within Gaia, it assists the awakening of higher senses in prepared hearts. Many of you have received the pineal upgrades from the Solstice light. This is a good month to work with them, fine tune them, and adjust to the stronger connection with your multidimensional Self.

Adapt to the new areas of vision and sensitivity quickly, there is much more available. Welcome these upgrades with love, gratitude and honor; the language of higher communication seeks willing, respectful, balanced consciousness to commune with.

A word on the veil thinning

Obviously we have entered an energetic passage which supports drastic veil-thinning for 5D and beyond. Veils are held within the torus fields of dimensions; the time-space experience of densities. As we shift dimensions, we see more, feel more, hear more along the way.

Just when you feel the veils are gone, more appears beyond that level. Little by little, our brain, nervous system and consciousness accepts the unknown; that rate of acceptance is quickening with our Ascension. Our personal, collective and planetary veils are somewhat intertwined (and rightly so, this is not a place to have a full-blown consistent 9D Pleiadian experience … yet.)

While it is fascinating to participate in the comings and goings of the higher realms, it may also feel intrusive. You might note that the old requests for private time no longer work – that is where we are at, beloveds. The agenda has an agenda: activation, now, pay attention, learn, share, integrate.

Activations within the Ascension Column

For those of you experiencing the blinding light in your Ascension column, I send a heart-hug to you. This began about three weeks ago for me. A consistent beaming brilliant light of pure crystalline diamond-like light in my field, surrounding me within my Ascension column.

It is there all the time, at first with eyes closed, then it also showed up with eyes open after the Solstice Gate. It feels like getting beamed up, and beamed on. It is part of the multidimensional merge sequences, and can be powerful if you accept it with an open heart.

My surroundings glow, flicker and flash all the time now, and when it is activation time (I still have daily 2-3 hour activations in the afternoon) the light and presence becomes overwhelming.

My Team (Higher Selves, Guides, Masters, Archangelics, Galactics) explained this unfoldment: Last year the system for experiencing multidimensional merge sequences presented to me. It involved the torus-within-torus dimensional model I have taught since 2011.

I played with a new method and gathered intel on how it worked. I was encouraged by the Pleiadians to share it with my class; they said I would *knock it out of the park* when I shared this (an odd metaphor for someone not into baseball, but it is what it is).

It seemed we were arriving at the point where the torus system would be explored and accepted over the (outdated, or at least incomplete) merkaba. During the Equinox Gate, Archimedes presented in a direct message. One of Archimedes’ accomplishments was the math behind the volume balance of a sphere and a cylinder. This is also when Melchizedek introduced me to the map Teams.

They are template designers for the Solar Cosmic Christ Ascension, which includes some of my Higher Selves. They connected it with my material on the Ascension column and the tube torus.
It was a direct indication to get the merge sequence intel out there Now; a cohesion of all of the intel, which would lead us right up to transcendence. I released that intel in last month’s online retreat, added it to Ascension Path, and the new Ascension column activations began.

For me, this is a completion of a portion of my service; the final piece of Ascension Path. It also released me to the next phase of my experience of Ascension, which hopefully will encourage the class participants to do the same.

Even though I had a left-the-body, just projecting the hologram experience at the end of April, there was still this last piece to share. Funny how this multidimensional operation works, isn’t it? So now I AM into the brilliant light phase, which I feel was predicted by the white-room dreams and external-wipe meditations I mentioned earlier this year.

It is like a dramatic clearing, a consistent presence of gold-white-crystliine light. Violet beings have been more frequent, however the ever-present multidimensional merge of Self shines like a golden-diamond Christed light all around me.

This Ascension column merge also enhanced my experience of Solstice and the light coming onto the planet. To witness all the crystals which had been placed by LightServers all over this planet, the HUman heart grid unified in intention, and the lightship grid (a new one for me), all working together to accelerate Christ consciousness. Absolutely beautiful.

Kindwhile, a note on grounded visitors coming to Shasta

I get a lot of email about visiting Shasta this time of year. Where to stay, where the strongest spot is, how to meet aliens, get to Lemuria, etc. Everyone take a nice deep Creator breath and let the old light beliefs go. Stay open to the personal revelations of your journey when you visit a vortex.

Shasta is many things to many people: a Divine Mirror, an amplifier of whatever you need to experience on your journey, an interdimensional spaceport, a major Gateway on Gaia, or simply a giant volcano in Northern California. It can be heart-opening, scary, thrilling, deeply loving, activating, or purging depending on what you need. Some may choose to stay by the water in lower elevations where the vibe is less intense.

The mountain energy changes day to day because she is a Divine Gateway, just as you are becoming a Gateway. When you synch, all is well. When she out-vibes you, learn from it. As an Ascension Guide, my advice is to avoid the distractions of town, get on the mountain and receive.

In brief, honor the mountain and your journey; prepare before you go up. Wash away the external and get centered at Stewart Mineral Springs, pick up some crystals at Soul Connections, get food at BerryVale, sage yourself, and get on the mountain.

It’s one road up and down, no spot is better than another (I avoid the tourist areas), stop where you feel guided, put your crystals in the ground, open up and receive. Don’t move other people’s crystals (or take them), respect other’s ceremony and spiritual time with Shasta (quiet, please).

Easy Lightship viewing is best from the top lot (end of the road – 14 miles up). Bring water, warm clothes for change of weather, anything you need (no services on the mountain). Remember it is a National Forest, not a National Park. No campfires now due to the drought. Shasta has a few hotels, and rooms can be booked ahead on or go to for general info.

First-time campers visit the Ranger station before going up. I AM a very private person, despite my very public service. I don’t offer tours or gatherings in Shasta. If the higher realms let us cross paths, Divine. Note it is difficult to get most Shasta folks to adhere to plans or a schedule. Nothing personal, beloveds. Let the mountain share its gifts with you!

Crystalline Expansion NOW

Shasta presented some unusual anomalies in the last months, and my experiences grow more bizarre (the new normal). However, I AM guided to unlock more of the templates here and distribute those codes through the grid systems. Many of you guided to Shasta this Summer are involved in this project – honor the unlocking of our ancient creation, beloveds.

Everyone is invited to connect via your heart and your crystals in the ground during the gateway dates to receive the template activations for this passage. Remember, we’re leaving the crystals set up all the way through the last Blood Moon in September.

Feel free to plant more all over the planet, on all of your travels. It works; the higher teams see them and use them, no matter how large or small. Intention is key, and you will be connected to all the crystals you placed, as well as the crystal beds and aquifers. More light = more light!
In love, light and service,


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