Wednesday, July 29, 2015

None Other

By Steve Beckow On 7-27-15

A fairy tale for adults.

The One was faced with a problem. It wanted to know Itself and it couldn’t.

How can we know ourselves when we’re all that is?

Where’s the room for a camera or a tape recorder? Or even a looking glass? Who is one to phone if there is no other?

So it created a thought-world, a day dream, and it entered into it as the daydream’s Creator. Now there were two.

Together the two created endless forms of life. Now there were three and four and finally many billions. Each of these new life forms was assigned the same task, in light of the One’s problem.

Each of them was tasked with knowing itself in a moment of realization. Whenever that happened, God met God and the One knew Itself.

The Creator in the daydream (called the Divine Mother) was tasked with creating a world that would serve as a school for spiritual seekers. All of us are spiritual seekers whether we consider ourselves to be or not. No one escapes the need to know itself, at deeper and deeper levels. So all of life became a learning experience.

Have you noticed our fixation on “I”? Have you noticed the special fascination with the question: “Who am I?” Have you noticed that no matter how many personality shifts we go through, no matter how many moods, whether we’re asleep or awake, “I” is always present?

These things seem so obvious but … I’m told that those who awaken to the truth of themselves look back on it and exclaim that the matter was obvious, right there in front of their noses.

Who am I? I could tell you but the answer wouldn’t make a whit of difference. That would be intellectual knowledge. Even experiential knowledge wouldn’t do it. It has to up to permanent realization.

Answer: If the One is everything, then who else could you be? As Sri Ramakrishna was fond of saying, God has become all this.

Every enlightened being gives the One the opportunity to know Itself. And then it finds that, separate though it seemed for so long, it was none other than the One all along.

And They … Errr, not two. He? No, politically incorrect. She? No, only slightly more than half the story. Ahhh, It.

It lived happily ever after.

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