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Galea, Communications Officer ~ Part 4

Well done, ladies! Good info here on many topics of moment...
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Heavenly Blessings Transcript -7-23-15

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunsetSuzi: Our Galactic friend and Communications Officer, Galea, is with us again today for more discussion around the things that affect our experience here on Earth. Things are happening so quickly now, it seems impossible to keep track. And once again, I’m finding it easier just to let go of contemplating all of it and trust in the Divine Plan.

I think more and more of us are also finding that being kind is much easier than trying not to see someone suffering. We are expanding our consciousness for sure, but the question always seems to be, “Will it be fast enough for all of us not to lose our minds?” [Laughter] Good morning, Linda!

Linda: [Laughter] Good morning, Suzi! “Losing our minds…” hmmm… I could ask you what mind! I think part of what we’re doing… well, a huge part of what we’re doing in our Ascension work – or however we think of the Shift or The Great Awakening or whatever – is that shift to our heart consciousness and our heart expansion.

So we really are in some ways ‘losing our mind’. Our mind, our mental body has been our go-to beingness for so long that, that shift from referring to our ego, or referring to our intelligence and our mental knowingness, is going away. It’s not becoming our first point of reference.

I know I find myself far more thinking about or saying to myself, “How does it feel? What do you intuit? What’s the message here?” rather than the mental construct of, “What do you think it’s about?” So I’d invite all our listeners to lose their minds! [Laughter] Come join us, the water’s fine!
Suzi: Exactly. Lose your mind, relax, don’t worry about a thing, it’s all gonna be good!
Linda: Don’t worry about a thing – it’s all good!
[Meditation from 12:00 to 19:52]

Galea: Greetings, I am Galea.
Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you, my beloved friend and my beloved friends, for we are eager and honoured to enter into deeper conversation with each of you.

Of course, this is a collective conversation. Part of how we communicate – and I like to think how you have felt me in our interactions – is that we speak to the collective, but we also speak – always – to each person’s heart: that there is a recognition of the heart awareness and the universal desire, not only to be acknowledged or accepted, honoured – but to be loved.

This is not unique to your civilisation. It is an intergalactic, inter-universal, multi-universal, Omniverse, way of being. And even in situations where the frequencies or the vibrations or the Light quotients – however you consider this – may not be identical or completely compatible, by approaching communication in this way from a personal heart-centeredness, we have found that the doors of true relationship…

Because that is the entire purpose of communication: it is first and foremost the anchoring, the establishment and the continuum of relationship. Yes, of course, we use communication in many forms to share information, science, culture, healing – it matters not. But our first priority in any form of communication is relationship.

Now, we have shared with you in other situations the language of Perro. And as you know, sweet Suzie, the language of Perro is informational, factual, that has no tinge of this heart-centeredness. But within that, the heart-centeredness is the understanding that the individuals involved in the communication are not at a place emotionally, mentally, physically, etcetera, to engage in such a depth or a genuine level of communication.

Perro was developed… oh, thousands, several twenty thousands of years ago during… well, the end of the intergalactic conflagration. And it was introduced in the very beginning of the intergalactic negotiations, as a way for various planetary and galactic systems to be able to state their situation and the facts without the emotional charge.

And you can well imagine, with entire planetary systems and their civilisations destroyed – and the belief that each planet was right – that there was a need for a non-charged form of communication, that eventually led to a true ability to be able to enter into an expanded form of communication – which is what we do with you right now.

Now, the reason I mention Perro this morning is that it is useful still upon planets where there is a strong presence of conflict, because there is this, can we say, incorrect assumption by various beings – whether it is interpersonal, intergovernmental, intercultural, it matters not – that they are the sole proprietors of Truth.

And, of course, there is only one Truth. And the journey for all of us, for all beings, is to remove the lenses, the filters that take the Truth and then apply it in ways that are convenient.

So Perro still has a role in terms of communication upon beloved Gaia. But we, in our conversations – which we are truly treasuring… This is the best assignment I have ever had! And we want to be able, and we will continue to speak in the true form of communication – heart-to-heart.

And that is the way that we communicate with you, and with one another, whether it is fleet to fleet, planet to planet, species to species – it is from that place of astounding reverence, respect for the individual or the collective that we talk to. And that is borne out of also knowing innately the deep respect and reverence for our sacred self.

Now, humanity, in your own journey of discovery, of re-emergence, of rearrangement, of Ascension, of co-Creation, is rediscovering – or can we even say, re-admitting – that sacredness, that honouring for each being within themselves. This is not arrogance or conceit. It is a simple knowing of the magic, the alchemy, of the wonder that every being holds – every being – throughout all universes and galaxies, known or unknown.

It is from the tiniest mite – what you have described as the ‘microscopic’ – to the most advanced organism, because each being, in a variation of forms… and last time, we have spoken of the orb ‘collective’. But each being has this inner awareness that is then reflected and shared generously and openly – shared – with all beings they encounter.

Now, as I have said, we have the ability – perhaps not as advanced or stellar as the Angelics – but we have this ability to apparate in a variety of forms: as orbs, as humanoids, even as elementals or animals. And we do this.

Now, in terms of creating our partnership – our Sacred Partnership – with Gaians, we tend to come – as we re-establish more boots on the ground – as humanoid, and that is primarily our form. Are there variations? Yes, of course there are. But we come in that form rather than alternating – because we want you to know us, to welcome us and to see us, to view us as similar – because it allows for that mirror, same species, perception.

Now, your planet is a remarkable place. You have humanoids in every size-shape-colour, so the diversity is quite amazing. And that is even before we talk about all the other life-forms that are there. But as we begin to more clearly – or shall we say, consciously – engage in this level of communication, both individually and collectively, we assume the humanoid form. Well, we simply maintain it is what we do.

But you also – and we have briefly touched upon this, and it is part of the array of capacities that you have, that you… well, not you specifically but the humans generally, have not fully begun to utilise. So each of you has the ability to assume a variety of forms – you just haven’t been practicing it. That is not a criticism; it is simply an observation. It is to encourage you to do so!

Suzi: Is there a publication on this somewhere? [Laughter]

Galea: It is in our handbook “Humans 101”! [Laughter]

Suzi: I’ll be looking for that in the mail!

Galea: Yes, we will send it ‘special express’!

Suzi: Fabulous!

Galea: Where do you wish to begin this day?

Suzi: Well, let’s see. First I would say, “Welcome back,” and it’s wonderful to have this discussion with you again. I know that you love it, and I just want to tell you that I love it too. And I think our listeners and readers are appreciating this as well.

Okay, so one question that’s been on my mind for a while. World finances are in flux, and many of us are anticipating having resources at some point soon, hopefully, to address the various medical issues, renovating homes, all the kind of things we haven’t been doing. Can you speak to the necessity of that?

Because my dream is that I might have the benefit of Galactic technology to do what a dentist would for me, for example. So I wonder if that kind of visit will even be necessary. And the same with making our living spaces Earth-friendly and sustainable.

I guess the question is: Will our reunion with you guys come soon enough after abundance is flowing that our plans for using the money will be changed considerably?

Galea: They already are being changed considerably. And we – I speak on behalf of many, as youknow – but particularly the use of the healing chambers has been a phenomenal resource that many, many, many Gaians are using.

But let us pose it this way: What delights you? Let us suggest that resources – and we understand what you are speaking of in terms of financial reorganization of resources upon your planet. But there is a sense – and this is a transition phase as well, and you know that. It has certainly been drummed into all of us!

But, in the transition – and let us use your example of the dentist: “Does it please you?” Now, we know that your dental technology is lovely, but perhaps it is not as advanced as it might be!

But does the occasion of having your teeth fixed – perhaps not the process, but the occasion of having it attended to – does this give you a sense of immediate gratification that you are able to attend to the matter at hand? Or does it simply give you a feeling of onerous trepidation?

Now, having said that… and the teeth are a very good example, because we have begun today by talking about communication. And as you know, your teeth, more than any other part – yes, your bones are very functional too – but your teeth are receptors and transmitters. And that is also why so many of you – other than parental neglect – have had teeth issues.

Now, I become very technical and I am not a dentist! But even when the tooth is missing, etherically that transmitter is still there. So whether it is an implant or a cap, the energetic imprint of your transmitter is still there.

Now, part of the, can we say, the attunements or adjustments – the upgrades! – that we would be doing with your teeth is for you to become more consciously involved and aware of what you are sending and receiving.

Those of you who are intergalactic transmitters are perhaps more aware that your teeth are constantly sending – and that is why sometimes you feel that you have a hum in your mouth – and receiving information. You are like a lightening rod.

So, regardless of even if you have the primitive repair work done immediately by the dentist while waiting for… because there will be a big adjustment for the human race prior to saying, “Oh, and by the way, can you fix our teeth?” [Laughter]

So, there will be further upgrades regardless. So don’t think, sweet ones, that you say, “Well, I went to the dentist so I miss out on my upgrades.” That is simply not the case.

Suzi: Well, I just didn’t want to put myself through it if it wasn’t necessary, and it’s not a pleasure.
Galea: And the same is particularly true for your abodes, for your homes, for your sacred space. If it delights you to begin to repair, restore, build, construct, locate anew, your home, your sacred temple – then go ahead and do so. That does not mean that the further upgrades will be denied to you, because they are almost beyond your imagination.

Think of the replicators that we have spoken of. There are many, what you would like to think of as ‘gadgets’ that will be truly making your home smart, and making them more organic.

Now, one of the illusions – and it has been a useful illusion – of the dimension from which you came, was the solidity of what you think of as ‘inert’ materials. So you have a tendency to think of houses, for example, as having solid walls, solid floors, ceilings.

But you do not, or you have not fully – let us put it that way – fully reached the point where you understand and have learned to work with, manipulate, in the positive way, the energy of a wall or a floor or a ceiling.

Now you see this in what you think of as glass, as window panes, and you know that it is solid, but it is also liquid. That is a common knowledge. So think of your homes becoming more malleable and walls being able to move, to extend, to expand, to shift according to the cooperative venture that you and that energy of the wall are doing.

And that goes with… Upon our ship, we change walls all the time! We change colours depending on the vibration that is not only required but desired at any given time throughout the day.

So this is something that you would – even if you did a repair, renovation or a new construction – that you would still be taking into account as our cooperative ventures become more clear. And these are key ingredients to what we would suggest as construction in the City of Light. Dearest hearts, you need more crystals!

Suzi: Oh yeah, for sure. So when the time comes, I would like to hire a Galactic architect, please!

Galea: They will be available by appointment! [Laughter]

Suzi: Wonderful!

Galea: Yes, they will be there! And it will be – because of our form of communication – it will be more the reading of each other’s energy patterns and heart’s desires. So it isn’t simply based on what you think of as building codes or what is structurally possible. Dear heart, the rules have changed!

Suzi: Yes, yes! So we’re looking at having conscious homes just like you have conscious ships?
Galea: Yes.

Suzi: That is so awesome! Something that Linda and I were discussing before the show, and I wondered this too. So you can take the form of an orb and come down here – and goodness knows, we’ve had many pictures of orbs and I’ve seen them in the air with a camera. So what we’re wondering is how you see us? An orb clearly doesn’t have physical eyes, so what’s the perception? Do you get what I’m asking?

Galea: Yes, we get what you are asking. Now, when we are an orb – and this is true for the Masters and Angelics too – think of us as a singular, perceptual being. Now, we are appearing to you as an orb, but our energy… You may not see our eyes because they are not physical eyes as you would normally see them, but we have complete vision. And that is why we will move in certain patterns and gaining certain perspectives.

Now, the first thing we see – and this is true of Angelics as well – is your energy field. You are all orbs! [Laughter] And so that is the first… When you talk about first impressions, that is our first impression: “There is a being of the most magnificent blue; oh, she must be related and in service to the Mother.” So that is the first vision that we see.

Inside of that, we also see – literally and impressionistically – your soul design. So you can think of it as your grid. Now, of course, all energy throughout the Multiverse is on a singular grid. There are no different grids. There is but one grid. And you have seen many representations of this grid as interlocking lines, three-dimensional visions of the grid, lines connected.

But, each of you – and us, and all – also have their individual grid. Now, in that, there is greater delineation and design. And yes, the vision that Linda has been given of looking at snowflakes is a very accurate way to describe it. So then, we see you in your orb form as your primary rays as it were. But within that, when we really look at you, we see your design.

And that tells us, again – and it is important so we can connect truly on a heart consciousness level – who you are. And then, if you would look through that design, we see the physical form. And if we choose to, we can elongate that and see you in a series of lifetimes, both on and off Earth.

So, introductions or connections are really quite elaborate, substantial, and filled with necessary information for us to be in partnership and to assist. Now, our confusion – and this has been part of being on Earth that has been referenced by our Commander, Lord Ashira – is that when we look at your configuration, both your orb-self and then your design-self, there is often…

Now, not to the Lightworkers that we are speaking of tonight, but this is important for you to understand about our perception of you, and also our challenges. There is often a lack or an incomplete understanding by the human individual – in the current space of what you think of as ‘now’ – of their soul design.

So, on our part, we see this wondrous soul design filled with magnificent potential, capacity, etcetera. And it took us a little by surprise that still there are many upon planet Gaia that do not have the fullness of the connection to their design and, therefore, are not living in accordance or in alignment with their design – or they have bits and pieces.

And that within the human being, there is a disconnect or a dissonance or even a distraction between who they really are and who they think they are. And what is going on upon your planet is that shift from people, humans – the animals are clear, the other kingdoms are clear – so the shift is back to or into the separation between the exhibition of a life and the soul design becoming melded.

And that is where you are at in terms of your awakening, your quantum leap, your Ascension – and that is well underway. And even in the last couple of ‘your months’, there has been substantial forward thrust in this regard. You are breaking through.

You do not know it, but you are breaking through literally at the speed, not of Light, but of Love. And that is the quantum energy with which we work.

Suzi: I just had a vision of an artist being able to create a painting of individual soul designs, helping us to see ourselves as you see us, because I think that’s a challenge for many. We need to have that vision of our… not an egoic thing, but just to really see who we are.

Galea: It is not egoic. It is a profound sense of what we would call – and do call, as a matter of fact – ‘soul responsibility’. You cannot be in the fullness of your sacred mission and purpose, and your promises to the Mother, if you do not have that fundamental connection and understanding of your design.

So yes, such artists – and there are many upon the planet, in various forms – who can do such work, and it is often enlightening. You have primitive, holographic pictures of yourself, and that has been a starting point. But it is truly the visionary artists who can help with this. And we have planted, yes, ‘assigned’ many such artists!

It is funny, because there is a sense when you talk to us – and we understand this – of the science that we will share. But many of our ‘boots on the ground’ are artists, musicians, communicators, empaths, healers – they are the ‘bridge people’.

Suzi: … and they might not know it.

Galea: Many of them do not know it, but many of them do. They may not choose to talk about it, but they know it.

Suzi: So have you got anything else? And will you come back and talk to us again?

Galea: I will come back for as long as you would like to have me join you!

Suzi: Oh wow, for the rest of my life!

Galea: I would say we can sign a contract!

Suzi: [Laughter]

 Galea: Yes, it would be my joy to return. And it is my joy to talk about communication. Of course, I am a Communications Officer so it is my favourite topic. But I am willing and able and commissioned to speak to you about many, many subjects, and it is to be this heartfelt, loving conversation with the brothers and sisters of Earth that I love.

Suzi: Can I just ask you one more question? I know we are sort of over time.

Galea: That is alright.

Suzi: You spoke of negotiations in the Galactic wars. Are they not ongoing at this time?

Galea: No, the Galactic wars have ceased.

Suzi: Well, I mean negotiations about… maybe those trying to get off planet at this point, and negotiations for what’s happening on Earth.

Galea: There are always negotiations that are going on, not only for Earth but for many, many planetary systems. So yes, you are correct in that.

Suzi: Oh, sorry about that. This is going to take a little while so I guess this is a topic for next time. I forgot, so I guess we’re not supposed to talk about it – such a space head that I am! Thank you so much for joining us.

Galea: [Laughter] Dearest heart, it is a compliment to call yourself a space head! Come and join with us, and yes, we will have food for discussion for our next engagement.

Suzi: Yes, much. Okay, wonderful. Thank you so much, Galea.

Galea: Go with our Love. Farewell.
Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

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