Saturday, July 18, 2015

Message From The 'Team' - You Are Entangled With All

Channelled Via Peggy Black On 7-17-15

We are here acknowledging you, honored with this connection and opportunity to once again expand your awareness. We acknowledge your physical aspect as well as your multidimensional aspects. It has been our consistent and constant message, to remind you of your magnificence.

You are a master and you are beginning to remember. You are pure divine conscious energy dwelling in a physical form in this focused reality of now. You are also pure divine conscious energy moving between other possible realities, other dimensions. We will continue to repeat this fact until it is a recognized truth without question.

In your present physical form you are here in your current reality to create. Sounds simple doesn't it? Yet we observe the confusion, the denial, the disbelief of this possibility. So we invite you to step outside these states of mind and your current beliefs and consider and explore the possibilities of your true mastery.

First let us remind you that this energy field, this frequency of vibration that you interface with is neutral, it is a blank canvas so to speak. It responds to the energy, thoughts, words, emotions that you express each moment. 

This neutral energy field or quantum field is connecting or entangled with all other energy signatures of this planet. Each and every individual is contributing to what is created in the reality of this hologame/hologram.

Your focused intention contributes to this creation. Your energy, thoughts and beliefs join the energy, thoughts and beliefs of others.  So now this group vibration has a significant impact on the whole field. The collective vibrations interface with Earth and all aspects that are being out- pictured into the physical reality that you observe.

This awareness allows you to be the true master that you are. When you own the realization that you are truly connected to everything that is occurring, the good, the bad and the ugly, you can begin to own your powerful ability to be a true transformer of what is occurring on your planet.

You are entangled with all that is occurring. Your every action contributes to what is unfolding, your judgments, your resistance, your opinions, especially your emotional vibrations. When you judge a situation, you are actually empowering that very reality. Your vibration of judgment, positive or negative, joins other similar judgment vibrations and adds more power to the creation of the very thing you are judging.

You are here in physical form in this 3D reality to uplift and transform consciousness. Remember you are an alchemist. You have the ability and the true skills to assist humanity in awakening.

You are awakening to the realization that each individual is a master creator and multidimensional being. You are awakening to the realization that this 3D experience is only one of the possibly possible realities you can and will experience. You are awakening to the realization that you move between many other dimensions and realities at all times.

We know that many of you are experiencing moments in which you become disoriented and confused. You shake your head, realize you are back in physical form and are puzzled by what just happened. This puzzling experience is happening to more and more individuals.

You are actually moving between dimensions. You are beginning to catch a brief glimpse or vision of other worlds or realities. This is the process of conscious evolution.  This shifting from one reality or another can and does affect your physical form, so be aware, take care and be kind to yourself.   Rest, drink water, eat healthy, be in nature and shift your thoughts and emotions as often as needed to stay in a place of coherence.

Remember that when you are shifting from one dimension/hologram to another you are seeding this current 3D reality with all the possibilities from the higher dimensions.  Little by little, this is actually bringing about an upgrade to the outdated and limited paradigm of this reality. You are shifting this dimension through your connection or entanglement with all others. Your words, thoughts, emotions and projections as well as your journeys outside this limited hologram/hologame are supporting the expansion and the awareness of realities beyond your imagination.

We want you to understand the importance of who you are. We continue to empower you to remember that you are here and a significant part of this major and cosmic shift. Everything is a frequency, a vibration. Everything is connected or entangled. One shift truly affects all.  One awakened realization triggers others. Much like touching the outer strands of an elaborate and beautifully formed spider web is felt by all, that awakened realization is energetically felt by all through this entanglement.

We could also use the example of your current internet, which is connecting everyone around the globe. It is just the outer reflection, a projection or manifestation of the entanglement. It is just the outer reflection of your ability to be telepathically and empathically connected to everything and everyone.

You can mentally, and even emotionally, feel disconnected from the tragic events occurring around your world.  You can deny that you have anything to do with these current events. However, because of your energetic connection and entanglement, you are feeling the vibration of all that is occurring. Your imagined denial is really contributing to what is occurring.

So we are inviting you to be a conscious transformer, a conscious alchemist, by assisting and supporting the uplifting of all. Your awareness and willingness to contribute light, love, joy, gratitude and forgiveness to this quantum entanglement affects all that is taking place.

You are not powerless, you are truly powerful beyond measure. You are an awesome cosmic and galactic citizen. You are here to uplift, to create life-sustaining realities. You are so much more than the physical body and limited beliefs that you carry.

Your expanded SELF, your multidimensional SELF is a part of the entire galactic and cosmic entanglement of divine energy of creation. You are infinite. You are a significant part of all that is. We invite you to own this truth, and embody this truth. It is time and it is now, your personal contributions are needed and truly make a difference in this 3D entanglement and in the galactic and cosmic entanglement.

We are ever available and a part of your entangled energy. We continue to send you our love and support as well as our deep gratitude for your continued contributions to the awesome shift taking place in consciousness. the 'team'

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