Thursday, July 23, 2015

Morning Messages - #43: Stradling Multi-Realities


Channelled By Peggy Black On 7-23-15

There is always an ebb and flow between the states of consciousness. This is something that everyone is dealing with right now on your planet, the bridging of two or more different levels of consciousness or the straddling of multi-realities.

You are free to travel the other realities and dimensions. It is just a matter of where you place your attention. Remember energy follows thought. So shift your thoughts and shift your feeling nature, and you will throw off your limited beliefs, and the limited net that would keep you anchored to only one reality.

The important thing to remember is that constant interaction with others can be a distraction to the subtle ability to alter your awareness and shift your focus to the nested dimensions in which you dwell. That is why it is valuable to meditate, walk, and allow quietness and creativity to flow. It is in these places that you gently slip into another dimension. The goal that is being offered is the awareness that you are not alone and that you can easily connect with the nonphysical support systems. However, what is required of you, and anyone who seeks this connection, is to make space for it to happen.

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