Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Angels On Sacred Partnership

Channelled By Lee Cook On 7-27-15

Beloved Ones,
To be in the realm of loving relationship is to be in the world as an awake human being. When one is awake to the person beside them, awake to the energy of consciousness that is present at all times in all things in the natural world, then one can choose to be in an enlightened state of relationship.

To be in the presence of one's own emotions and energies, brings awareness of how one moves in the world, speaks and acts. From this place of loving awareness a person can move into conscious connection and sacred relationship with others.

Know that your guiding star of love is present within you at all times radiating its wisdom and warmth, courage and kindness, to all situations at all times.

Relate as if your heart is seen by all, like a jewel shining through a clear glass window, sparkling in the sunlight. All who see it will want to come closer and know of its light. Allow your gem to shine brightly and be the beautiful jewel that only you can be.


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