Friday, July 17, 2015

Morning Message #41: Reality Is Much Like Water


Channelled By Peggy Black On 7-16-15

Reality is much like water. It can change and morph into many different forms depending on the conditions and energy. It can be solid, hard as ice. It can be fluid and flowing as liquid, and it can be buoyant and light like steam. Most humans prefer to relate to their reality in its frozen state. However reality has the capabilities of shifting into several different aspects. It is still reality just as water is still water whether it is frozen, liquid, or steam.

That is just an example of how your third dimension can and does respond to your beliefs and projection, your energy signature, and your understanding of what you perceive as real and how that is manifested on the screen of this hologame.

Humans are beginning to shift their beliefs of what is real, and as they do, their reality begins to shift. They notice the shift and continue to expand their awareness to include these new perceptions. You and others are becoming conscious and aware that you are multidimensional humans. It is like stairs; with each step you have a larger vista to observe.

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