Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Year 2015 - Birthing A New Reality


Channelled By Nancy Van Domelen

July 15, 2015: Transitioning into the Fourth Dimension

We welcome you, our dear friends. The month of July finds you at the beginning of the last half of the momentous year of 2015. Only when this year is completed and you look back over all that has transpired in these twelve months will you see the significance of what you have experienced. For now, we ask that you believe that this current year is pivotal in many ways, which will become evident as the months go by.

It will be helpful to hold an attitude of expectancy and even hopeful curiosity regarding the transformation that is under way in all areas of life on your planet. Visualize yourself in a rich field of shimmering energy that is moving and creating new and helpful situations for you to address and master. All about you is a constantly revolving body of spiritual enrichment, which is upholding and strengthening you at many different levels.

The great challenge for you is to hold the conviction of this reality even though you may not be able to have a sense of it in three dimensional terms. By doing so, you will gradually bring it into your awareness consciously, which will elevate you on the spiral of life and expand you spiritually. We know that what we are asking of you is not easy. It requires great trust on your part to address what you cannot see, touch or feel.

It is imperative that you start to make the transition into the reality of the fourth dimension, which presents an expanded view of time and space. As more and more incarnating souls on Earth start to move into this higher dimension, all life on your planet will grow and change. The entire vibratory level of the planet will be transformed into a more advanced expression, one long awaited by the inhabitants of Earth for eons.

We know what we are saying here seems far afield from what is currently transpiring on your planet. It seems as if all life is under assault of some kind of another, and this is true. What is needed is a positive perception of what is truly happening. Your planet is going through a process of aeration, which is breaking up established patterns of behavior to make a more fertile field for human incarnation.

A perfect example of what we are saying here is the momentous change that occurred recently in the state of South Carolina. A long established pattern of behavior was set aside providing a more highly evolved expression of unity. Wherever a unifying principle prevails, the energy field of the fourth dimension is expressed and elevated. This statement encapsulates an important reality we ask you to bring into your perception of life.

In April, we spoke to you regarding the unity that can be reached by navigating the field of duality. What we want to mention again is the profound significance found within the unifying principle. As more and more of you move into fourth dimensional consciousness, you will be able to see and/or feel the energy field that exists when a state of unity is attained.

A simple exercise can facilitate your ability to do what we have just described. Regularly, daily if possible, take a few minutes to sit in silence. Open your consciousness and express your readiness to move into a higher spiritual state. Visualize yourself as being an empty vessel ready to be filled with a new awareness. Then just sit and let the energy field around you do the work. Your transformation process will proceed guided by a powerful spiritual force.

In order for spiritual growth and development to occur, change must happen at the basic molecular level. The three dimensional physical body must be elevated and changed. It needs to be strong enough to receive the more powerful energies of the fourth dimension. These new vibratory fields will be anchored all over the planet by incarnating souls who have embraced the transformation under way.

We ask that you be part of this vanguard of servers who came into incarnation with the expressed purpose of ushering in a New Heaven and a New Earth. The single most importance service you can perform is to make the transition personally from third dimension to fourth dimensional functioning. The outreach of your capabilities will expand far beyond what you can even imagine at the present time. We only ask that you begin!


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