Sunday, October 25, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-24-20


 Debate Analysis For Dummies

We lead off the Follies Bundle with this Really Big News; swamp-draining just got a a new Pump:

The Scamdemic From Hell, on small screens everywhere just in time for All Hallows Eve; last Gasp:

Swamp Draining is the new top watched ‘sport’ for Americans and Fox News Rules:

Props to SITS; scroll through the latest articles on their site and please bookmark it; while you still Can:

Just posted - another Charlie Ward snippet transcript from the ever-generous-with-her-time Kat:

Let's call this bundle 'Suzanne’s Corner'; today's postings are spot-on and redolent with Wisdom:

Creator always seems to put just he right spin on this Concurrence of Chaotic Nodes we're In; Ayup:

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