Monday, October 12, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-12-20

Skeletor Joe Takes The Stage

The RICO Conspiracy unfolds as various desperate knuckleheads incriminate each Other:

The Follies are heatin’ up again; another Patriot takes a bullet for our Freedoms - Semper Fi:

This is rich and the remaining Royals are not! Eviction is a bitch, especially for our 'Betters'; Kek:

The losing Black Cube Bingo card in MN; Muslim Bro-hood be dumb as a sack-o-rocks Methinks:

It's no longer just (in Johnny Carson's words) "God's Waiting Room"; Get a Life, Move to Florida!

Grey Panthers Unite! They've cleverly armed with green jello bombs and Dulcolax face sprays: 

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