Monday, October 26, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-26-20

 We Begin With Witches Three For Thee


Lorie on the emerging Quantum Ascension Timeline with Denise LeFay and Brenda Hoffman as Well:

This hilarious clip from Jon Stewart is Old but Gold....perfect red pill for the Holydaze; git sum Mirth:

Based Oriental Dude be droppin’ da bombas every hour until the election; major kek-a-topia Frens:

Obviously this is a clear case of kool-aid induced Type 3 Trump Derangement Syndrome; so Sad:

This 'Light Side Of A Dark Age' essay will stretch your envelope; just Know - Kali Yuga is Kaput:

Here we have some outstanding video journalism from the not-so-anonymous Ben Swann; grok Sum:

We close with the Prickly Rose from Down Under, testing the Galactic's patience as only she Can:

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