Thursday, October 1, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-30-20


 This Is Our Job In A Nutshell...

This latest Eceti executive rant from James Gilliland will serve to kick this edition off in Style:

This Trippy Troika of Truth Tellers trips the light fantastic for 2 hours of un-redacted Revelations:

Many thanks to Suzie Ward for her monthly dialogs with multi-dimensional Matthew; Grok Sum:

Gillian MacBeth Louthan gets a re-post over at Era of Light where her rants fit right in; quite So:

Our Avian friends have always been known by magical folk as The Messengers of the Gods; Ayup:

For many of us 'old souls' Suzuki Roshi was a seminal spiritual guide and inspiration; Domo Arrigato:

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