Monday, October 26, 2020

The Arcturians: Dear Galactic Family

 Via Sue Lie On 10-24-20

We are the members of your Higher SELF who left an important message in your consciousness, in hopes that you, the members of humanity, would remember the message. We see that, unfortunately, some of you have not totally remembered your "night message." Therefore, we will send it to you again.

In fact, we wish to remind all of those who have received and read this message, that you ALL can contact your own Higher Dimensional SELF while your third dimensional self is sleeping. We, the members of your Galactic Family, are happy to assist you to remember your nightly visits to the higher frequencies of reality.

Yes, these "higher frequencies of reality" are much easier to perceive while your third dimensional self is sleeping, or deeply meditating. While you are sleeping, and/or meditating, the challenges of your daily third dimensional life can be released and replaced by the higher frequencies of deep meditation. 

Meditation is the process in which you can look inside your own consciousness to deeply experience, and remember, that which may be too challenging to face in your daily life. This challenge is to remember that YOU are able to communicate with the higher dimensional expressions of your own Higher Dimensional SELF, as well as with your own Higher Dimensional REALITY.

While you are sleeping, your "imagination" is often forefront in your mind. On the other hand, the many challenges of the third dimensional world often limit your innate ability to communicate with higher dimensional realities, as well as with your own higher dimensional "dream experiences."

More often than you may think, these "dreams, and or meditation experiences" are "an important component of your own imagination". Yes, it is true that these inner experiences are a component of your imagination. However, these experiences are also the CORE of your own Higher Dimensional awareness of your fourth/fifth and beyond realities that are VERY real to your OWN Higher SELF.

Of course, the challenge is often for your third dimensional self to remember the dreams and experiences that really did occur in your own Higher Self. The reason for this problem is that your third dimensional self has often been taught that "Imagination" is NOT REAL.

In fact, while you believe that you are limited to only wearing a third dimensional earth vessel, you will experience only that which your third dimensional self believes. Fortunately, as you gain more and more trust in your own higher dimensional thoughts, feelings, dreams, and memories, your belief system about your Higher Self and the reality in which you live, begins to change, and expand.

Then, some of the higher components of your SELF that you were never able to accept before, begin to slowly, or sometimes quickly, become acceptable. It is in this moment of acceptance of your OWN Higher Dimensional expression of your SELF, you will feel a deep change within you, above you, and even below you.

You will likely find that as you accept that you are more and more multidimensional, you will be able to perceive more and more how the reality all around you is also "multidimensional."

"What does 'Multidimensional' mean?" we hear you ask. "Multidimensional" means that any give person, place, situation, and/or thing, can have many different components that make up that which appears to be "just be third dimensional."

Unfortunately, many humans are not ready to realize that there are dimensions of reality that resonate to frequencies that are far beyond the limitations of Gaia's third dimensional, planetary expression.

Fortunately, Gaia is becoming more and more impatient to express Her fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of Her Planetary SELF.

We Galactics realize that many, many humans believe that humanity is the most evolved being on Gaia's Earth. However, these humans have not considered how very much damage humans have inflicted on Gaia, as well as how very, very little of human's consciousness can even believe that Planet Earth is a "living/loving" being.

Fortunately, the loving humans on Earth can easily accept that Gaia is alive! These awakened humans can also accept that they, the humans, were meant to be to Guardians for Gaia.

Unfortunately, too many humans have forgotten that, before they chose to take a third dimensional body, they swore that they would be "The Keepers of Planet Earth!"

The "Keepers of Planet Earth" who forgot their promise did so because they became embroiled in the survival of every day 3D Life.

On the other hand, others did not forget about their promise to Gaia, but they chose instead to "take advantage of Gaia" so that they could be famous, rich and among the leaders who believed that money was more important than Gaia!

When Gaia is not cared for and Her Earth becomes destroyed by flood and fire, and Her air becomes tainted and unbreathable, will it really matter if the these "money/self first humans" have a fancy, expensive house and a fast, new car? Maybe they even bought a high position in their job.

What about the expensive mountain cabin in the woods that got burned down, and the many trees that got burned down, and the clear water that got tainted? What will happen if a leader puts money and their own self first?

WHAT will happen if humans do not PUT GAIA FIRST?
What future do you want for your self, your family, and most important

We the Members of your Galactic Family, are here to assist YOU

Remember to call us, and we will assist!

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