Sunday, October 18, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-17-20


Enjoying The Movie?


A spot-on rant from ECETI James for your consideration and cogitation, absent obfuscation; git Sum:

The Disclosure Kill-Shot is on the way; Swampies scurry as septic sucking Services begin their OPS:

Apparently, lotsa chicks dig 'henbags' like this one; it's a goin' as Viral as the last Bird flu; git Clucked:

Why not spend 3 minutes in the Swamp as the Babylon Bee cartoon squad goes full South Park:

Now the panicked Euro Pandemocrats surge ’social bubbles’ up the butts of the Sheeple; wakey, Wakey:

This fire is burning 25 miles to the Northwest of our Boulder digs and it's smudging Everything:

DC-R has got quite the road-show going so hook up if you're a bored Starseed, lookin' for Love:

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