Saturday, October 31, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-31-20

They Got The Bad Orange Man Blues...


I like this Acb Vigano /cause he speaks truth to the Black Papacy and all of it's Horrors; here it Comes:

This is a goodie from The Arcturians via Sue Lie as our 3D Matrix continues self-Destructing:

Fresh from our These-People-Are-Stupid file - the ripest, most wickedly retarded recent news Posts:

Magenta Pixie & The Nine explain Blue Moon bumped Great Samhain Gateway 2020:

Don’t forget Huma and her Muslim Brotherhood cohorts in the Swamp; enough Black Cube Bullshit:

This is the 800 lb. ‘Truth’ that’s going to crash heir whole satanic domination agenda for Humanity:

Saucy red-pilling from one extremely Pissed-Off Glen Greenwald ; got cucked by his Cabal Partners:

This is a not-to-miss troika of Truths from our friends at the Golden Age of Gaia; total grokfest Ahead:

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