Friday, October 16, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-16-20


The Perfect New Moon To Begin

 Your Heavy Metal Cleanse...


EcoAstrology Update: Libra New Moon October 16, 2020; git sum Stephanie Austin MA:

BOM controls @jack, scripted public take-down in progress; rabbit-hole guided tours booking Now::

More Bankster market-rigging gets Busted by the US DOJ; a serious take-down of an Old House:

The Rockefeller UN is now being outed for the Cabal operation it’s been from day One; Grokkable:

Expose Bundle - Veritas kickin' [DS] ass, Gloucester educator/Masshole self-destructs and More:

Guess who's coming to dinner...the Andromedans! They're probable Gluten-Free, just Sayin':

James is a very good scribe; enjoy these messages from St. Germain and Ka Ra of the Pleiades:

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