Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-21-20

This, Right Now, Is Digital Warfare

Lock-N-Load MoFo

This Fren states the crucial differences that separate anons from the lame stream media Cucks:

Bro Steve @GAoG be puttin’ up some serious saucy threads on a daily basis; Welcome to the Party:

Get the latest psychic-sighings of Julian Assange & JFK Jr. by Utsava, the no-nonsense Seer:

The Cosmic Perspective on the Corona Baloney Scamdemic from Matthew Ward; Grok Sum:

Rampant abuse of power in the World's most trusted institutions enables continuing Pedo-Crimes:

Nobody knows from suffering like the Jews; still the Jew-Bhu’s Bodhisattvas grow fond of It:

Lord love a duck but that ACB's got a heart-o-gold; Bee Stings often conflated with flaccid 'News':

Rock-solid transmissions via Lovely Lorie Ladd From the Galactic Federation; Grok On:

This is a significant world-wide psychic re-unification stair-step for the Entire Human Collective:

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