Monday, October 19, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-18-20


Hunter Flipped - It's All Scripted Now


Good op-ed takes on Hunter-Gate & the ensuing [DS] tech censorship shit show; great Disclosure: 

Are you ready for a Google- Boom/Bust? No censorship currently for my Blogger or YT; knock Wood:

The recent Denver Execution Redux - Anons do their work on exposing the unpleasant demonic Truth:

Still ‘trust Wray’?  There be Convoluted Agendas afoot laddie and one of the best CYA's of all Times:

Some gems in this vintage snippet from Matthew. courtesy of Uncle Steve over at GAoG; grok On:

It's Mamo/Zaga Time! Grab your Mindfold, Ayahuasca and some insect protien, Pilgrim:

Just in time for Halloween high-jinx and the attendant Lower Astral satanic knuckleheadedry:Oy:

For all you Buddhas and Bhodisattvas, here's the latest from HHDL Tenzin Gyatso; Om Ah Hum:

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