Friday, October 2, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-2-20


 Same-Same For Spiritual Warfare

As Above, So Below

POTUS goes to ground as Red October starts to heat up; now we get a bedtime story from Sun Tzu:

Kayleigh kicks LSM butt once again; obviously not tired of playing reporter/cuck whack-a Mole:

A seminal insight into the nefarious Real reasons for worldwide Cabal panic; many thanks Melissa: 

Judy documents Cabal/9Th Circle depravity; "It’s a big club & you’re not in it." George Carlin: 

Oh yes, the sex trafficking trials produce a very high-level perp-walk today: Git Sum:

The Grain Reaper strikes again as Wheat-belly gets listed as Rona friendly pre-existing Carbohydrate:

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