Friday, October 30, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-30-20

Thank-Q For A Full Moon

To Blame The Crazy On

Stephanie Austin welcomes this second-in-a-row Blue Moon with this EcoAstrology Report;

Lucky for us, Our Lady of Sedona brings us up to speed on the off-the-charts Incoming Energies:
The censorship shenanigans continue as the Big Tech face increasing exposure for censoring Us:

Q Typhoon indeed! Sorcha continues to do deep digs on the stories behind the LSM Squawking:
This Bee Bundle du jour insures your continued mirth, merriment and base amusement; Git Sum

Virus, virus, who's got the Virus? More insight from Jon Rappoport into the nano--shenanigans; Ayup:

Thanks to Lee Carroll ( The Kryon Channeller) and Monika Muranyi for this Earth Grids Freebie:

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