Saturday, July 3, 2021

An Update From The Agarthan Crystal Masters


Greetings, most beloved ones. We are the Crystals of Inner Earth. We are connecting currently with this one from Agartha, inner realm of peace and great beauty. (I am seeing a crystal city surrounded by forests and fields of green. I am hearing a humming and feeling that this is a very high vibrational place. Beautiful tall people are walking wearing simple white clothing that is draped, adorned with precious metals in their hair and on their clothing. Serene crystal homes that are size adjustable, simple and clean have privacy technology or can be made transparent, depending on the need. Fountains, springs, water is all around and you can hear it through the city and neighborhoods. The people are happy smiling, waving.) 

We crystals are in tune here. We are one with the higher vibrations and we are locking the ascension codes for the surface. We crystals are all connected and form massive underground, inner earth networks of light, energy and information. We are the electrical circuits of Gaia and we protect her from sinking, we assist with her ascension. We are the Crystals of Inner Earth. (I am seeing three magnificent, towering crystals in the central city, purple, green and quartz.) We are purple, green and clear quartz. Those who live here are well acquainted with us, they are offering their assistance to you now.

We Agarthans speak. Greetings, galaxygirl and all who will listen. We offer you our peace and love this day. As your surface world seems to teem with trouble, these troubled days are limited. Days of peace and prosperity for all are ahead and are interlacing with the higher dimensional energies that are streaming in. Our crystals assist to ground them deep with in Gaia. 

Gaia’s ascension is assured. We have been assisting you with your ascension for eons of time. We are those who chose to stay and serve on the inside world from Lumera, Mu. We are ancient for we do not age here. We have mastered that which we have chosen to master and your success upon the surface and your quality of life we very much care about. We have not been able to interact with you much upon the surface for the various dimensional differences. The rifts have not made it possible for us to withstand the density, the pressure, for our bodies are not accustomed. 

You are brave for incarnating upon the surface of Gaia and we hold you in the highest of esteem. You speaking to us now is a great joy for us, it has been a challenge to communicate and we are most pleased to be able to do so in this way. We ask that you continue to communicate with us, for we are your friends and family from days gone by. We are all one large family of light. We assist with keeping Gaia’s inter-dimensionality stable, we assist with our technology to hold and grid the light, to stabilize the inter-dimensional fluxes so that all is more comfortable upon the surface and to assist the great Mother in all ways that we can. 

We honor our great planetary Mother with our lives of service. We serve each other in our tightly knit communities of light love and learning. Our community is filled with joy and high expectation of being reunited with our brothers and sisters of light upon the surface. The time is coming in which this will be possible and it will come as a surprise to those asleep that nothing is as it has seemed. To those of you who are deprogrammed it will be easier, joyous, for you are expecting the unexpected. You are eager to embrace planetary upgrades and changes, not only for your own way of life.   

Our technology will assist providing healing and wealth, for money’s need will fade as you will have access to your physical and material requirements. Your surface needs will be met. It will be easier for those who have been on their own spiritual path for their spiritual needs will have been met by their daily practices of meditation, of self love and care. 

Treasuring yourself is the higher dimensional way. It does not mean idolization of the physical form, but it does shock us to see the level of lack of self care on the surface world as people so easily succumb to the surrounding addictions instead of standing for what is best for their bodies and lives. Addictions are demons that are battled on the surface. Many of you have mastered them and they have assisted you in your awakening. For this we applaud you. You who have healed are future leaders for those who will be seeking you out.

We are the Agarthans, most specifically the Agarthan Council. We extend our love and light to you and we greet our beloved family on the surface with tenderness and care. We are extending our energies of love and healing to you. We are all very eager for this ascension phase of the journey. We have ascended beyond our assignments and we are eager to offer our healing hands to the surface when Source deems it. There are many variances, many intricacies to this divine plan. No detail has been left untended.

Patience is a virtue of those who have seen much. You are not living in a patient society and so this a hard, challenging and even offensive statement to some of you. We have been in Agartha for thousands of years, honing our meditative practices, offering our light and serving inter-dimensionally, providing interplanetary transport when needed and maintaining the planetary energy grids and libraries of knowledge. We do not age with the rapidity that you do on the surface. Gravity is kind to us, deep inside the Mother, and we are taller but be assured that we mean only the greatest of wills towards you. 

All is proceeding. We are pleased with your spiritual receptivity to our message. We can see that this will further anchor an alliance of friendship and reunion. (Again I am seeing a massive purple crystal besides green and clear quartz.) Our crystals wish to connect and we recommend that you think of them as you ground to Gaia for it will assist with anchoring your memories of the higher dimensional ways and places, most specifically Agartha. 

Many of you have visited in your soul journeys. We welcome you to this space of peace and tranquility. Soon we wish for the surface to reflect such peace and balance. We see the solar flash as inevitable and something to be greatly anticipated but not to be waited for. Ignite your own inner solar flash of the higher dimensional consciousness, of one who is awake and aware and cumulatively this will greatly enhance humanity’s receptivity to the solar flash from Source which is waiting in the wings. 

The Pleiadians are utilizing their own higher dimensional plasma light frequencies and technology to assist from the air. We assist from within. We work with our brothers and sisters of all races, those who are aligned with Source and freedom for Gaia and humanity align with us. For we align with the divine will and it is decreed that this will be done. We are the Agarthans. Peace beloved brothers and sisters. Peace in these tumultuous times of great change and many blessings.

**Channel: Galaxygirl


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