Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Disclosure Digest 7-13-21

 Friday The 13Th Comes

On A Tuesday This Month

Universal Benevolence is moving us All towards an unprecedented 'Event'; ya might wanna bone Up:

This POTUS Bundle should instill in you a definite feeling of We Got This! Make the popcorn Organic:

Introducing our new In Reductio Absurdium Bundle; perhaps rainbow simians will soon exit yer Butt:

Global Revolution Bundle including Texas Dems doin' the hysterical Texas political two-step; Kekfest:

Honorary Babylon Bee-Sting status for this true NY Post news piece; buzz on Bee Frens:

Please be transported to ethereal realms by today's Three Witches Bundle; Salamat Ja:

Last words are best when thy come from Creator, Really:

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